Rules and regulations WTC Amsterdam

These rules and regulations apply to the lease concluded with one of Maatschappen WTC Amsterdam or CBRE DOF Custodian B.V., represented by Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam B.V. and form an integral part of this lease.

These regulations apply in addition to the stipulations contained in the lease on the use of the leased space and the shared areas and facilities, as well as maintenance obligations and other obligations and prohibitory plans contained in this lease. By signing the lease, the tenant has declared that it has received a copy of these rules and regulations and has taken cognizance of their contents.

The tenant undertakes to refrain from everything that can damage the condition and prestige of World Trade Center Amsterdam and will not cause any inconvenience or nuisance to the users of adjoining offices and their visitors or to the visitors of World Trade Center Amsterdam in general.

The leased space forms part of a building complex. To promote a proper functioning of this complex a number of shared plans have been made and a number of services provided, intended for the leased space itself and/or for the infrastructure. The tenant is obliged to make use of and pay the costs of these shared plans and services.

The tenant undertakes to act in accordance with the rules and regulations and the related appendices and to inform its personnel and the third parties engaged by it of them.